Correctly Process And File Dispute For Any Situation

Fast, and Simple Solutions To Your Reporting Issues.

  • Proven Solutions

    Proven Solutions

    We only use the most effective methods to resolving your reporting issues. Taking the guess work out of the dispute process.

  • Experence You Need

    Experence You Need

    With more than 40 years of experience in the dispute industry Litigo has the ability to successfully navigate and dispute.

  • Brighten Your Future

    Brighten Your Future

    Take charge of your financial future, and dispute negative information to get lower interest rates and more approvals.


Great support. We Really Help!

Our customer service won’t leave you alone

At Litigo our is to provided you with the excellence you deserve. We understand that the dispute process can be difficult to understand which is why are main purpose is to insure that you are successful in filing proper disputes to ensure you receive the best results and have your issues resolved.

  • Disputes are tricky don’t navigate them alone
  • Get the results you want by filing a proper dispute
  • Get quality answers from our top support agents
  • Get more account approvals
  • Lower interest rates by refinancing with better scores
  • Use proven solutions that work the majority of times

While there is no guarantee that filing a dispute will get you the results you want using proven methods that have worked for others will drastically improve your success rate.

Hear From Our Litigo Clients

What our satisfied customers think...

Made the dispute process easy and simple. To the guess work on what to dispute and want not to dispute. Thanks for your help.
Jason M
Jason M
Seattle WA
They worked quickly to resolve my dispute issues. It was Amazing No Monthly Fee to pay when I only had so little to work on.
Timothy Y
Timothy Y
Washington, DC
The advisers I spoke with were both friendly and very informative. They made simple to get my disputes finished quickly.
Samantha, G
Samantha, G
Atlanta, GA